Quality Assurance

BioreclamationIVT is committed to providing high quality human and animal biological products, processing services, and world-class customer service.

We distribute human and animal biologicals of only the highest quality.  Our processing services can be customized for every individual order including; filtration, gender selection, and aliquoting options.  We provide world class levels of customer service before, during and after shipment.  Our products are delivered in a timely manner, ready for use.  We offer an unconditional product guarantee.


BioreclamationIVT has an independent quality control department that oversees the work of the ADME-Tox products group. In addition, our scientific advisors provide hands-on workshops and on-site training to ensure your team has success working with BioreclamationIVT products.

The Quality department oversees:

  • QA/QC of products
  • Document control and tracking
  • Archives
  • Calibration of equipment
  • GLP compliance (where applicable)
  • Adherence to SOPs
  • Enforcement of BioreclamationIVT's Quality Policy

BioreclamationIVT has QA/QC guidelines  in place for oncology biospecimens received in our Maryland location.

  • Physical inspection of each sample
  • Samples are stored in a liquid nitrogen vapor phase freezer. Freezers are monitored and on back-up systems.
  • The pathology diagnosis and pathology staging are confirmed by at least 3 separate M.D. pathologists, using H/E slides and (when indicated) IHC slides.
  • Director of Research Pathology evaluates and scores each specimen for condition, cancer percentage, necrosis and other physical factors.
  • Digital micro-images showing wide field and magnification of key diagnostic areas are made and appended to the record.
  • Case reports, accompanying test results and paperwork are reviewed and entered into a database for sample management and client searching.
  • Selected cases are analyzed for RIN (RNA integrity number) on an Agilent 2100 to establish molecular quality and monitor site performance.
  • Full case reports are scanned into PDF files for electronic records and easy distribution to clients.

UK ISO - Sera Laboratories International Limited 9001 Certificate Expiry 2020

UK - GLP Certificate

US ISO - ISO 9001 2008 (Apr2017 FM 565646)

US ASTERAND - CAP Biorepository Certificate (2015)