B-CLEAR© Technology

B-CLEAR technology is a patented methodology that allows quantitation of biliary efflux in an in vitro model using hepatocytes that have functioning uptake and efflux transporters, and form bile pockets that are analogous to bile canaliculi. The bile pockets can be opened or closed, using B-CLEAR technology. This enables measurement of biliary efflux making it possible to estimate biliary clearance and evaluate biliary transporter interactions and conduct cellular mass balance measurements.

Data from models using B-CLEAR technology is used to predict clinically-relevant drug interactions, hepatotoxicity, transporter interactions and to support regulatory submissions.

We offer hepatic clearance research services using B-CLEAR Technology.  Alternatively, Human Biliary Clearance kits and Rat Biliary Clearance kits, using B-CLEAR Technology are available to clients who prefer to conduct hepatic clearance studies in their own laboratories.

B-CLEAR Technology is covered by US Patent 6,780,580 and other worldwide patents issued & pending