LIVERPOOL Hepatocytes

BioIVT's LIVERPOOL® hepatocytes are formulated using an innovative process that produces products to specified activity levels. Purpose-pooled products start as whole, fresh human liver tissue–never resects–to
ensure quality and large lot sizes. The liver tissue is either isolated into hepatocytes.  Lots from a single donor liver are characterized across a panel of relevant substrates and this data is entered into the BioIVT tissue library database.

Our patented LIVERPOOL product is blended to ensure sufficient activity levels in all CYP categories. Custom-blended LIVERPOOL enables you to choose the activities critical for your study and will be prepared to your specifications. This makes your research more focused and productive. With our large lots sizes and ability to reproduce activity levels, your research results are consistent and repeatable.

 Features and Benefits

  • Quality Assured. All pooled lots are examined by our independent quality control department prior to release and certified to deliver stated activity levels.
  • Choice. LIVERPOOL products are stocked in 5-,10-, 20-, 50- and 200-donor pool sizes; Custom sizes are available for both products.
  • Convenience. Purpose-pooled products may be stored at your facility for use in scheduled experiments.
  • Large lots. Each product is prepared from whole, intact quality livers, yielding very large lot sizes for great consistency across multiple experiments.
  • Custom product design. The purpose-pooling technique allows you to choose the product specifications and donor pool sizes you need for your study. We’ll quickly deliver the custom products to suit your needs from our inventory---the world’s largest for ADME-Tox research.

Products Using LIVERPOOL.

*The process for producing the LIVERPOOL human hepatocyte products are covered by one or more U.S. or foreign patents and patent applications, including U.S. Patent No. 7,604,929.