asc-1 (SLC7A10) Transporter Assay

Asc-1 is a sodium-independent, amino acid transporter encoded by the SLC7A10 gene. Found throughout the central nervous system, asc-1 mediates the transport of small, neutral, D- and L-amino acids, such as alanine, cysteine, serine, and glycine. Although the transporter has a high affinity for glycine and serine, and is thought to be involved in the synaptic clearance of these amino acids, it has been shown to have a particularly high affinity and capacity for glycine, suggesting that it might be especially important for glycinergic transmission.


asc-1 Transporter Assay Details
Relevance – Amino acid transport
Single or Multi-Transporter Model – Single
Transporter Type – Uptake
Cell Model – MDCK-II
Assay Type – Intracellular accumulation
Exactly Matched Control Cells– Yes
Species – Human Probe Substrate – Glycine
Subcellular Localization in Assay Model – Basolateral
Inhibition Positive Control – Serine