MATE2-K (SLC47A2) Transporter Assay

The MATE2-K transporter is a multi-drug and toxin extrusion transporter encoded by the SLC47A2 gene. MATE2-K is expressed in the apical membrane in the kidney and mediates the elimination of substrates.

BioIVT offers MATE2-K substrate and inhibition assays for transport in polarized mammalian cells. We offer a wide range of studies, from single concentration screens to full kinetic studies for IC50 determinations for MATE2-K inhibitors, as well as Vmax and Km studies for MATE2-K substrates.


MATE2-K Transporter Assay Details
Relevance – Renal tubular secretion
Single or Multi-Transporter Model – Single
Transporter Type – Efflux Cell Model – MDCK-II
Assay Type – Intracellular accumulation Exactly Matched Control Cells– Yes
Species – Human Probe Substrate – Metformin
Subcellular Localization in Assay Model – Apical Inhibition Positive Control – Cimetidine