NET (SLC6A2) Transporter Assay

Norepinephrine (NE) is synthesized from dopamine by dopamine beta-hydroxylase and stored in vesicles. Under normal conditions, neuronal activation promotes the vesicular release of norepinephrine (NE) into the synapse. The norepinephrine transporter (NET; SLC6A2) is responsible for re-uptake of NE into the presynaptic neuron in order to terminate its action. NET transporter is found in central and peripheral neurons, adrenal gland and placenta.

BioIVT offers NET substrate and inhibition assays for transport in polarized mammalian cells. We offer a wide range of studies including single concentration screens up to full kinetic studies to determine the IC50 for NET inhibitors as well as Km and Vmax values for NET substrates.

NET Transporter Assay Details
Relevance – Neurotransmission; validated therapeutic target
Single or Multi-Transporter Model – Single
Transporter Type – Uptake
Cell Model – MDCK-II
Assay Type – Intracellular accumulation
Exactly Matched Control Cells– Yes
Species – Human
Probe Substrate – Dopamine
Subcellular Localization in Assay Model – Basolateral
Inhibition Positive Control – Desipramine