PerkinElmer (PKI) Vectra® Polaris™ System

Immuno-Oncology Expertise for Drug Discovery & Companion DX

BioIVT PHASEZERO™ Research Team expands immuno-oncology services capabilities with the adoption of the Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System developed by PerkinElmer (PKI)

Our PHASEZERO Research Team, leaders in high quality human tissue-based research solutions supporting drug discovery and development, are proud to offer services with the PerkinElmer Vectra Polaris Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System, extending their services capabilities to support scientists in gaining a deeper understanding of disease mechanisms related to new cancer immunotherapy approaches. Capitalizing on over 20 years of expertise in human tissue-based research, PHASEZERO scientists are excited to be able to offer this additional solution platform to their research partners.

The Vectra Polaris system integrates seven-color multispectral imaging with whole-slide scanning in a simplified digital pathology workflow to support the quantification and analysis of tissue sections that are stained with multiple immunohistochemical stains.

Development and validation of immuno-oncology (IO) targets requires an understanding of the biology occurring in the immune system and tumor. Multiplexed IHC can be effectively used to visualize cancer targets and multiple immune cell types within the tumor and its microenvironment (TME). Visualization of the spatial relationship and functional state of immune cell types with tumor cells is achieved through multiplex labeling of these different cell types and defining the location within the TME.

“For over 20 years, PHASEZERO’s experienced scientists have worked collaboratively with clients to expedite the highest likelihood for clinical success by providing a variety of pre-clinical research services,” said Amanda Woodrooffe PhD, Vice President & General Manager, UK Operations. “This new platform adds high throughput, multispectral imaging with whole-slide scanning to our suite of services available to our clients to improve the efficiency of their workflow. We are delighted to expand our service platform offering to our clients with this enhanced multiplexing technology. Revealing target biology at the cellular level within the tumor and the microenvironment with this data rich platform will aid in the development of future cancer therapies.”

With an extensive tissue bank, we specifically customize your Immuno-Oncology project to your needs. BioIVT has working protocols for targeting a wide range of oncology targets, plus routine immune cell markers.

Products and Services Using the Perkin Elmer Vectra Polaris System

Breast cancer solid tumor panel: CD4-Opal 520/green, CD8-Opal 570/yellow, CD20-Opal 540/red, CD68-Opal650/magenta, Foxp3-Opla 620/orange, CK-Opal 690/cyan, and DAPI-Spectra DAPI/blue (PerkinElmer Vectra Polaris imagery and Opal straining).