TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED™ is an industry standard that ensures hepatocytes have physiologic transporter function, metabolic competence and appropriate regulatory pathway functionality, under culture conditions we have defined. In sandwich culture, the intracellular concentrations (ICC) in TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED hepatocytes reflect physiologic conditions because the hepatocytes express functioning uptake and efflux transporters and develop bile pockets similar to bile canaliculi.

The Evaluation Process for TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED

The evaluation process for includes the following activities:

  • Assessment of viability and phase II activity
  • Quantitation of transporter activity using drug reference probes to assess uptake, biliary efflux, and basolateral efflux
  • Assessment of the inhibition of these transporters as well as the intracellular concentrations of these same probes

Data from our assessment of a new lot is compared to our extensive historical database of hepatocyte lots.