Fresh Human Hepatocytes


Type:Cell Products
FORMAT:Fresh (cold)
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and Services
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Freshly isolated human hepatocytes represent a living biological system in which to measure metabolism, induction, toxicity, and transporter studies. Fresh human hepatocytes from BioIVT are isolated from whole livers not resect tissues. We process the tissue the same day to ensure you receive the highest quality human hepatocytes.

Fresh human hepatocyte are typically isolated at least once week sometimes multiple times a week. Human hepatocyte isolations cannot be scheduled as this is dependent on when human liver tissue becomes available.

Fresh suspension and various plate formats are available including collagen and Matrigel overlay for sandwich cultures.

Fresh human hepatocyte notifications are sent out via our HepatAlert™ system. HepatAlert notifications for human hepatocytes can be sent out at anytime including weekends and some holidays. To receive these human hepatocyte notifications fill out our HepatAlert notification form.

Features & Benefits

  • Human HepatAlert™ Notifications. Email notification sent to subscribed list on availability of fresh human hepatocytes
  • Format. Hepatocytes are available in multi-well plates, sandwich culture, suspension or other customized formats
  • CUSTOM-CELL™ Isolation. Non-parenchymal cells (NPCs), Stellate or Kupffer cells can be isolated offering a matched donor set
  • Quality. As the leader in hepatocyte technology, BioIVT has more experience and expertise in producing and characterizing these products than any other organization

Caution: Treat all products containing human materials as potentially infectious, as no known test methods can offer assurance that products derived from human tissues will not transmit infectious agents.

All products are for research use only. Do not use in animals or humans. These products have not been approved for any diagnostic or clinical procedures.

Fresh human hepatocyte suspensions are >70% at time of manufacture

Plated human hepatocytes:  ≥70% confluent monolayer

BioIVT provides’ technical support to our customers and this support includes onsite demos or training for handling our hepatocyte, microsome and S9. We have a group of Scientific Advisors that regularly visit customers to discuss their research and ongoing studies. If there are any questions or concerns about the use of our products or a protocol contact our Scientific Advisors for additional help.