Ascendance Biotechnology acquired by BioIVT in 2018

Ascendance Biotechnology, Inc.

Ascendance was formed in November 2015 from the merger of Hepregen Corporation and the ESI products division of BioTime Inc. to form a multinational cell-based assay company. Hepregen developed and commercialized HEPATOPAC® Technology, used to create micropatterned hepatocyte and stromal cell co-cultures. Ascendance offered HEPATOPAC kits as well as ADME Tox research services using HEPATOPAC Technology.

Through its acquisition of Ascendance in May 2018, BioIVT gained access to HEPATOPAC® Technology, HEPATOMUNE® Technology, and HEPATOSTEM® Technology. These technologies are used to create stable in vitro liver models that enable long-term hepatic metabolism and toxicity studies. The products and services gained from the Ascendance acquisition complemented BioIVT’s in vitro hepatic models and service offerings and secure the company’s reputation as “The Liver Experts”.

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