Celsis IVT acquired by BioIVT in 2013

Celsis IVT

Celsis IVT was a pioneer in developing in vitro testing products for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company offered market-leading hepatocytes, microsomes, and other cellular products helping researchers screen drug compounds earlier in the discovery process, thereby reducing the time and cost of drug development. The goal was to offer ADME-Tox products to save researcher set-up time and deliver results faster.

Celsis IVT added value to the drug discovery and preclinical development program by providing large lot sizes and full data sets of hepatocyte products and helped decrease the investment and resources for drug discovery and preclinical studies.

BioIVT and Celsis IVT merged in July 2013 to create a one-stop shop offering a complete range of biological tools needed to pursue new drug discovery and development. The joining of the two companies’ created a supplier of highly specialized biological specimens and cellular products that enable researchers to better understand the pharmacokinetics and metabolism of newly discovered compounds.