Custom Cell Product

Type:Cell Products
SUBTYPE:BMMCsChondrocytes & Synovial FibroblastsEpithelial CellsFibroblastsHepatocytesImmortalized Cancer Cell LinesPBMCsPurified Immune Cell SubsetsRenal CellsTissue-Derived Immune Cells
SPECIES:BovineCinchillaDiseasedGerbilGoatGuinea PigHamsterMinipigMouseNormalPigRatSheepWoodchuck
DISEASE FOCUS:Autoimmune / Inflammation / AllergyCardiovascularDermatologyEndocrinology/ MetabolismGastroenterologyGenetic DiseaseHematologyInfectious Disease/ Environmental ExposureLiver DiseaseNephrology/ UrologyNeuroscience/ CNSNormal Control SamplesOncologyOphthalmologyOrthopedic/ NeurosurgeryReproductive DisordersRespiratory/ Pulmonary
FORMAT:Cryopreserved (frozen)Fresh (cold)FrozenNon-Viable Cell Pellet (frozen)
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and ServicesBiomarker DiscoveryCell Therapy/ Regenerative MedicinePersonalized Medicine



Fast-Track Your Research with BioIVT’s Cell Processing Services

Having difficulty sourcing starting materials? Tried a cell isolation or expansion process only to yield cultures of low cell number and varying purity? These and other challenges can be frustrating and slow down your research. Look to BioIVT for catalog and custom cell preparations to eliminate upstream variability and put your research on the fast-track to success.

Why Look to Us for Cell Processing Services:

  • Faster time-to-market by reducing the time and resources required for in-house isolations
  • Repeat and matched donor sets to ensure reproducible, reliable results
  • Tailored collection or patient screening procedures which deliver custom products to suit your needs
  • Access to over 200 IRB-approved collection sites to source tissue and primary cells from healthy, normal or disease state donors
  • Small and large scale isolation capabilities adaptable to all research scenarios
  • High-quality cells as a result of optimized procedures and rigorous testing criteria

Custom-Cell™ Products – Hepatocytes and other Primary Cells

If your ADME-Tox research would benefit from specific tissue or organ material, a particular species, specific characterization or activity targets, or a unique product format, we can help.

Our Volume Saves You Money

We process donor tissue daily, so there’s a good chance we can combine your custom order with others, or with scheduled isolations, and pass the savings on to you. Our expertise allows us to maximize production from all tissue. As a result, extra vials from previous custom orders may be available for purchase from our custom product inventory.

Below is a sampling of Custom-Cell products BioIVT has produced over the years.

Examples of custom formats include:

  • Adherent or suspension animal hepatocyte cultures on customer-specified dates
  • LIVERPOOL lots prepared with specific donor requirements
  • Hepatocytes prepared from customer supplied animals
  • Hepatocytes cocultured with Kupffer cells
  • NPCs, Stellate and Kupffer cells
  • Primary cells isolated from whole tissues like skin keratinocytes.

If you don’t see what you need, just complete our online form or Contact Customer Service.