Custom Subcellular Fractions

Type:Subcellular Fractions
SPECIES:BovineCinchillaDiseasedGerbilGoatGuinea PigHamsterMinipigMouseNormalPigRatSheepWoodchuck
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and Services



BioIVT produces subcellular fractions through the process of subcellular fractionation which is the separation of cellular components. The initial step starts with the homogenization of tissue in an isotonic buffer to aid in the separation of the cellular components. Through differential centrifugation BioIVT is able to isolate purified organelle fractions such as microsomes, S9, cytosol, lysosomes and mitochondria.

While our standard products are from human and animal liver tissue, BioIVT offers custom preparations using other tissue types like brain, kidney, lung, intestine, heart and skin.

These subcellular fractions can be customized to your specifications:

  • Modified buffer formulations
  • Homogenate
  • Vial configuration
  • Protein concentration (mg/mL)
  • Enzyme characterization
  • Customer supplied tissue
  • Matched sets (microsomes, S9 and cytosol)

Features & Benefits

  • Our subcellular fractions are produced from fresh whole tissues to ensure the highest level of enzyme activity.
  • Subcellular fractions can be derived from commercially available animals.