Custom Tissue

SUBTYPE:Central Nervous SystemEndocrineGastrointestinalHair/Skin/NailsHead and NeckLiverLymphoidMammaryOtherReproductiveRespiratorySoft TissueUrinary
SPECIES:BovineCinchillaDiseasedGerbilGoatGuinea PigHamsterMinipigMouseNormalPigRatSheepWoodchuck
DISEASE FOCUS:Autoimmune / Inflammation / AllergyCardiovascularDermatologyEndocrinology/ MetabolismGastroenterologyGenetic DiseaseHematologyInfectious Disease/ Environmental ExposureLiver DiseaseNephrology/ UrologyNeuroscience/ CNSNormal Control SamplesOncologyOphthalmologyOrthopedic/ NeurosurgeryReproductive DisordersRespiratory/ Pulmonary
FORMAT:Cryopreserved (frozen)FFPEFresh (ambient)Fresh (cold)FrozenOCT Embedded
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and ServicesBiomarker DiscoveryCell Therapy/ Regenerative MedicinePersonalized Medicine



Normal human biospecimens are collected from consented donors under IRB-approved protocols. In addition, we work with a clinical network of over 200 sites that allows access to donors with various disease indications. Inclusion and/or exclusion criteria can be specified.

Animal biospecimens are provided from any commercially available animal model. Collections are performed according to Standard Operating Procedures.

BioIVT can collect many biospecimens that meet your study or protocol requirements. Request a quote today!

Examples of previous collections include:

  • Fresh whole organs
  • DMSO cryopreservation for Cell Culture
  • OCT Embedding with cryoprotection

​Custom Collections may also consist of additional testing, data collection, client specified specimen collection procedures, and post-collection processing into derivative products.​

This material should be handled as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Please use universal precautions. No test method can provide total assurance that Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or other infectious agents are absent.

This product is being sold for research and/or manufacturing purposes only. It is not to be used in humans or animals and further manufacturing that will result in a finished product that contains viable cells is prohibited. For in vitro use only. The user assumes all responsibility for its usage and disposal, in accordance with all regulations.