Advances in Cell & Tissue Culture (ACTC)

Speak with our experts at the 11th Anniversary of the annual Advances in Cell & Tissue Culture. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and specialists will be present to discuss how we can help accelerate your Cell and Tissue Culture needs. With the expertise to ethically procure fresh tissues across different normal and disease states, isolate primary and immune cells based on your need, and to perform 2D and 3D custom cell-based assays, as well as capabilities in protein expression such as IHC and multiplex IHC, gene expression such as qRT-PCR, and ADME-Tox our experts will be there to discuss your needs in depth. Schedule a meeting with our team.

Be sure to check out our poster on the “Development of A Novel Human In Vitro 3D Model For Evaluating Anti-Cancer Drugs” by Kathryn Bagot, PhD.

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