NJDMDG Fall Symposium

Join us at the upcoming DMDG Fall Symposium and Vendor Exhibition in Somerset, New Jersey. Members of our business development team will be present to discuss how BioIVT can work collaboratively with you in your drug discovery development program. With access to both banked and custom biospecimens from a myriad of disease states as well as normal biospecimens, we can help improve the development and clinical validation of novel predictive biomarker signatures. And as the world’s premier supplier of ADME-toxicology model systems, including HEPATOPAC®, LIVERPOOL® hepatocytes and subcellular fractions, BioIVT enables scientists to better understand the pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism of newly discovered compounds and the effects on disease processes. By combining our technical expertise, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled access to biological specimens and hepatic products, BioIVT serves the research community as a trusted partner in ELEVATING SCIENCE®.