SLAS 2019

Speak with our experts at SLAS 2019. Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and specialists will be present to discuss how we can help accelerate your research needs. Make sure to get to the speaker spotlight session at 4 pm on Monday to discuss why there are so many different cell options for you to work with, DTCs, Fibroblasts, immortalized and more! With the expertise to ethically procure fresh tissues across different normal and disease states, isolation of primary and immune cells based on your need, and to perform 2D and 3D custom cell-based assays, as well as capabilities in protein expression such as IHC and multiplex IHC, gene expression such as qRT-PCR, and ADME-TOX, our experts will be there to discuss your needs in depth.

Visit BioIVT at booth #1454.

Making Sense of Cells: Which Cells Work for What Applications
Exhibitor Spotlight Arena | Monday, Feb. 4th, 4:20 pm

Be sure to grab your seat to hear Sean Crudgington, MS, our disease cell specialist, discuss our cell capabilities and how to make sure you’re using the right cells for your scientific applications.


Sean Crudgington, MS, Cell Scientist, BioIVT

Mr. Crudgington holds a BS in Human Biology from Michigan State University and an MPH in Environmental Health Sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health. He has worked at laboratories at Michigan State University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Michigan, specializing in neurological pharmacology and toxicology, cardiac physiology, and respiratory immunology, respectively. Sean Crudgington has spent a significant amount of his professional career managing a research flow cytometry core at the University of Michigan and developing methods towards the isolation and culture of primary cells from tumor tissues, including lung, breast, colorectal, renal, ovarian, and other cancers.