SOT 57th Annual Meeting and Tox Expo

BioIVT Booth #516

Our full schedule of our scientific contributions at the SOT 57th Annual Meeting and Tox Expo will help you expand your expertise in drug development.

March 12, 9:15 am to 12:00 pm

WORKSHOP: Predicting Drug-Induced Cholestatic Injury in Humans
Kenneth Brouwer, Ph.D., RPh, Vice President, ADME-Tox, BioIVT

Dr. Kenneth Brouwer will discuss the C-DILI™ Assay, a novel in vitro method to predict cholestatic hepatotoxicity, and applications of the C-DILI Assay in lead selection and managing toxicity risk

March 15, 8:30 am to 11:30 am

POSTER#411: Prediction of Clinical Hepatotoxicity of Clinical Drug Candidates using the Novel C-DILI™ Assay: A Retrospective Case Study

The C-DILI™ Assay was used to determine the hepatotoxicity potential of three clinical candidates that were in development at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Authors: Renato J. Scialis¹, Jonathan P. Jackson², Matthew Palmer2, Maggie McMullen², Kenneth R. Brouwer², William G. Humphreys¹

Affiliations: ¹Preclinical Candidate Optimization, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ 08540, ²Qualyst Transporter Solutions LLC, a BioIVT company,Durham , NC 27713

POSTER#143: Hepatobiliary Disposition of 15 Non-Therapeutic Chemicals in Sandwich-Culture Rat Hepatocytes using B-CLEAR® Technology

Evaluated the hepatobiliary disposition (e.g.  biliary clearance, cellular accumulation, and intracellular concentration) of selected chemicals including compounds used in crop protection products. The study was conducted as part of the EPA’s ToxCast™ Toxicity Forecaster to better understand chemical partitioning in hepatocytes.


Visit us at booth #516 for a complimentary  ACCULIVERTM Cholestatic Hepatotoxicity Assessment kit, using the C-DILI Assay.*  The C-DILI Assay is a novel in vitro method to evaluate a compound’s potential for cholestatic drug-induced liver injury. The kit enables you to conduct the assay in your laboratory.

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*Complimentary kits available to ADME / DMPK researchers implementing research programs for biopharmaceutical companies.