XPRESSWAY Profiles – Human GPCR Family

SUBTYPE:Gene Expression
DISEASE FOCUS:Normal Control Samples
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:Biomarker DiscoveryCell Therapy/ Regenerative MedicinePersonalized Medicine


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PHASEZERO’s XPRESSWAY® gene expression profiles are quantitative gene transcripts expression patterns across 72 tissues (3 individual donors of each) representing the major organ systems of the human body, providing a reproducible and reliable rigid assay that is essential for target validation, safety profiling and validation of animal models.
Using a rigorously controlled process, from tissue to data, PHASEZERO scientists have used the same highly sensitive, robust quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR) methodology for the last 20 years ensuring reproducibility and reliability. To ensure reliability and repeatability across assays, we utilize a global standard curve inclusive of 81 genes, 150 individual standard curves and 1476 data points.

GPCR Family

The G protein-coupled receptor family of XPRESSWAY PROFILES contains genes for seven-(pass)-transmember domain receptors, 7TM receptors, heptahelical receptors, serpentine receptors, and G protein-linked receptors (GPLR). This large family of receptors detects molecules outside of the cell and activate internal signal transduction pathways, leading to cellular responses.

Profiles are purchased with a license and you will be provided in a full profile report. While any number of profiles may be purchased, if you are purchasing more than 20 profiles, please contact customer service so that we may contact you for special tiered pricing.

Over 2300 existing profiles are immediately available and new profiles rapidly generated on request.

XPRESSWAY Sample Reports


Data are provided in the format of PDF reports containing the relevant information regarding the target gene, data and donor details. The raw data for the target gene and GAPDH, together with the donor details, are also provided in Excel format to enable the data to be presented in any format required by the client.

XPRESSWAY profile reports contain:

  • Gene expression data, including Stellar plot, SwissProt™ name and description
  • Nucleotide accession number
  • Sequence of Forward primer, Reverse primer and Probe
  • Gene expression data for GAPDH
  • Gene expression data for tissue not selected (anonymized)
  • Correlation report

Features & Benefits

XPRESSWAY Platform Design for Human Tissues

  • 72 tissues each from 3 different donors
  • Pathologically normal tissues
  • Tissues procured with informed consent and appropriate ethical approval for research use
  • All donor information and tissue pathology are provided