Histology & Pathology Services

SUBTYPE:Pathology/Clinical Data
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:Biomarker DiscoveryCell Therapy/ Regenerative MedicinePersonalized Medicine


BioIVT provides a complete team of Histotechnicians, Histotechnologists and Board Certified Pathologists for all your sectioning, cyro-sectioning, staining and analysis needs.

Histology Services

Standard Services

  • Sectioning
  • IHC Staining

Custom Services

  • IHC/Custom Staining
  • Instrumentation Validation
  • Assay Controls
  • Specimen Embedding
  • TMA Creation


  • Dako Autostainers
  • Aperio AT2 Slide Scanner
  • Auto Tissue Processors

Pathology Services

Standard Services

  • H&E with diagnosis confirmation

Custom Services

  • Gross preperation of fresh specimens
  • Identification of key tissue features
  • Specimen marking

Platforms & Fees

  • Aperio AT2 Slide Scanner
  • Fees based on hourly rate