Human Feces

Type:Biofluids (Other)
DISEASE FOCUS:GastroenterologyNormal Control Samples
FORMAT:Cryopreserved (frozen)Fresh (ambient)Fresh (cold)Frozen
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:MicrobiomePersonalized Medicine
Keywords:C. DifficileColitisCrohn's DiseaseIrritable Bowel SyndromeStool



Sampling and analyzing fecal specimens for microbiome studies has become an increasingly popular area of research.

At BioIVT, we collect both normal and disease state fecal samples through our clinical collection network.

Features & Benefits

  • Ethical collection of human specimens
  • Blinded IRB and Consent available for all specimens collected under IRB approval
  • Flexible collection and processing options tailored to client’s request

Visit our Gastroenterology or Autoimmune pages to learn more about clinical collections for these indications.


Biohazard Info: This material should be handled as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Please use universal precautions. No test method can provide total assurance that Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Or Other Infectious Agents are absent. Thus, all biological products that we provide should be handled at the Bio-Safety Level 2 as recommended by the CDC/NHI Manual “Biosafety In Microbiological And Biomedical Laboratories, From Potentially Infectious Human Serum Or Blood Specimens”.

For in vitro use only.