IHC Multiplexing

SUBTYPE:Protein Expression
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:Biomarker DiscoveryCell Therapy/ Regenerative MedicineImmuno-oncologyPersonalized Medicine
Keywords:IHCImmune Cell-target VisualizationImmuno-OncologyImmunohistochemsitryImmunooncologyIO DevelopmentMultiplexMultiplex ImmunohistochemsitryVectra Polaris


With an extensive tissue bank, we specifically customize your project to your needs. Our PHASEZERO® team has working protocols for targeting a wide range of oncology targets, plus routine immune cell markers. Our scientists can also develop custom profiles specific to your needs. We recently adopted the PerkinElmer Vectra® Polaris™ Automated Quantitative Pathology Imaging System to extend their services capabilities to drug and diagnostic development scientists. Capitalizing on over 20 years of expertise in human tissue-based research, PHASEZERO scientists are excited to extend this additional solution platform to our clients.

The Vectra Polaris system integrates seven-color multispectral imaging with whole-slide scanning in a simplified digital pathology workflow to support the quantification and analysis of tissue sections that are stained with multiple immunohistochemical stains.

Features & Benefits

IHC assays are fully automated and run on the following machines:
• Dako Autostainer Plus (IQ/OQ/PQ validated)
• Ventana Discovery XT
• Leica BondRX machines

Facility and Capabilities
• GLP accredited for moderate throughput IHC
• Fully trained, experienced scientists included 3 GLP TCR Study Directors
• Consulatant Histopathologists – Clinical and Veterinary
• SOPs for complete process – Tissue validation, Preparation, Assay, Analysis and Reporting
• Digital Pathology – Aperio ScanScope AT Turbo Image analysis, archiving and on-line peer review

• Wide experience of multiple detection systems and protocols
• Range of antigen retrieval approaches including high pressure/ high temperature
• Dako Envision Flex+ , Dako Envision, Vector ABC, Vector ImmPress™ and Dako CSAII™ and Menarini polymer HRP detection and fluorescent labelled secondary antibodies
• Alkaline phosphatase, horseradish peroxidase and glucose oxidase chromogenic endpoints
• Ventana Omnimap™ and Ultramap™ detection systems
• Leica bond polymer refine detection
• Multiple antibody species detection available including mouse, rabbit, goat, rat and chicken
• Multiplexing with chromogenic or fluorescent endpoints

• Fluorescence analysis and multiplexing (2-3 targets simultaneously)
• Confocal and fluorescence microscopy
• Scalable via use of TMAs
• Semi-quantitative analysis
• Consultant Histopathologist support
• Image analysis
• Vectra Polaris image scans allows digital analysis integrates seven-color multispectral imaging with shole-slide scanning
• Aperio Digital image scans allow digital analysis of full face and TMA slide sections
• ImageQuant – segmentation and TMA algorithms