ILSbio acquired by BioIVT in 2015


ILSbio, LLC was a premier biobanking organization that had a unique network of global collection sites including domestic hospitals and an international network of sites. Their global network provided a biobank with a wide range of human biospecimens. Custom collections were possible through our network because of the close relationship maintained with their collaborators and the ability of ILSbio, LLC’s staff to consider the feasibility, logistics, and inclusion/exclusion criteria for each distinct custom collection request.

BioIVT a leading provider of human and animal biological products to the drug development industry merged with ILSbio, a provider of diseased state biospecimens specializing in oncology in 2015. The two companies’ combined enhances BioIVT’s disease state and clinical samples product line by providing frozen and FFPE tumor samples, tissue extractions, and other oncology-related biospecimens.

Read the full release for more details about the ILSbio acquisition.