Minipig Cryoplateable Hepatocytes

Type:Cell Products
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and Services
Keywords:CryoplateableGottingen minipigHepatocytesInductionMetabolismMinigpigPlateableToxicityTransporter Uptake



Gottingen Minipig hepatocytes from BioIVT are cryopreserved the same day they are isolated. Cryoplateable Minipig hepatocytes are used for long term studies (≥4 hours) like induction, toxicity, and transport.

BioIVT cryoplateable Minpig hepatocytes show levels of induction following treatment with known inducers. All cryoplateable hepatocyte lots have greater than 70% viability and greater than 70% confluence on day 5.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenience. No waiting for fresh livers
  • High Quality. Established responsiveness to inducers
  • Full Characterization. Known phenotypes and donor demographics
  • Reproducibility. Allows multiple experiments at different times from a single donor
  • Easy to Use. Allows multiple donor studies in the same experiment
  • Quick Response. HepatA!ert™ notifies customers when new lots of cryoplateable animal hepatocytes are available
  • High Throughput. Use in 96-, 384- and 1536-well plates.

Caution:All products are for research use only. Do not use in animals or humans. These products have not been approved for any diagnostic or clinical procedures.

Cryoplateable minipig hepatocytes are >80% viable and contain a minimum of 5 million cells per vial as determined by Trypan Blue exlcusion.

Cryoplateable minipig hepatocytes have a :  ≥70% confluent monolayer on day 5

BioIVT provides’ technical support to our customers and this support includes onsite demos or training for handling our hepatocyte, microsome and S9. We have a group of Scientific Advisors that regularly visit customers to discuss their research and ongoing studies. If there are any questions or concerns about the use of our products or a protocol contact our Scientific Advisors for additional help.