Non-human Primate CD34+ Hematopoeitic Stem Cells

Type:Cell Products
SUBTYPE:Purified Immune Cell Subsets
DISEASE FOCUS:Normal Control Samples
FORMAT:Cryopreserved (frozen)Fresh (cold)Non-Viable Cell Pellet (frozen)
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and ServicesBiomarker DiscoveryCell Therapy/ Regenerative MedicineImmuno-oncology
Keywords:BMMCsBone Marrow Mononuclear CellsCD34CynoHematopoeitic Stem CellsImmune CellsMononuclear CellsPBMCsPeripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells



Due to their strong similarities to humans across physiologic, developmental, behavioral, immunologic, and genetic levels, non-human primates are essential models for a wide spectrum of biomedical research. They can often serve to link the translational research between small animal models and humans.

Hematopoeitic stem cells (HSCs) are progenitor cells that, through hematopoeisis, differentiate into blood cells. CD34+ HSCs are found in the peripheral blood and bone marrow. CD34+ HSCs are separated from mononuclear cells via immunomagnetic separation.

Used for a variety of applications, HSCs are frequently utilized in cell therapy tissue engineering, transplant research, and other immunology applications.


  • Isolated from peripheral blood or bone marrow aspirate
  • Available in custom formats and aliquot sizes
  • Separated from mononuclear cells via positive immunomagnetic separation
  • Purity determined by flow cytometry and rigorous QC ensures consistent, reliable cell lots


Biohazard Info: This material should be handled as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Please use universal precautions.

For in vitro use only.

Viability ≥ 70% via flow cytometry
Purity ≥ 85% via flow cytometry