Optivia Biotechnology acquired by BioIVT in 2018

Optivia Biotechnology, Inc.

Since bringing the first full panel of FDA- and EMA- compliant transporter drug-drug interaction (DDI) assays to market, Optivia was the leading provider of high-quality transporter assay services. Optivia was a thought leader in expanding the utility of transporter research in areas as diverse as pharmacokinetics, toxicology, therapeutic target discovery, and basic biology research. With the world’s largest portfolio of transporter assays, novel multi-transporter models, and customized molecular transport research solutions, Optivia was committed to understanding the complex drug transport processes for improving drug safety and efficacy.

Through its acquisition in July 2018 of Optivia, BioIVT gained access to OPTI-EXPRESSION™ Technology and Optivia’s leading transporter research services and products. These services complement BioIVT’s hepatic ADME-Tox capabilities and further strengthen BioIVT’s capabilities to support clients’ discovery research programs and regulatory submissions, including IND enabling solutions.

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