ACCULIVER CYP450 Induction Kit

Type:Media / Reagents / Kits
SUBTYPE:Hepatocyte Media/Kits
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and Services
Keywords:CYP InductionCYP450 InductionDDITransporter Certified


The ACCULIVER™ CYP450 Induction Kit is used to assess the CYP450 induction potential of a test article. The kit includes materials which enable establishment of a model, that, when combined with TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED™ hepatocytes, has demonstrated better in vitro-in vivo correlation than conventional, transporter-deficient models. TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED hepatocytes, when cultured in the conditions described in the manual, express physiologically-relevant transporter function resulting in in vivo-relevant intracellular concentrations making the model more appropriate to predict induction potential..

Kit Contents

The ACCCULIVER CYP450 Induction Kit contains the following items needed for the indcution assay:

  • Collagen Coated 24-Well Plates (2)
  • QUALGRO™ Seeding Medium (50 mL)
  • QUALGRO Overlay Medium (30 mL)
  • QUALGRO Induction Medium (100 mL), formulated to give a suitable dynamic range for CYP450 induction