Rabbit Vitreous Humor

Type:Biofluids (Other)
STRAINS:Dutch BeltedNew Zealand White
FORMAT:Fresh (cold)Frozen
Keywords:Diabetic RetinopathyOpthamologyVitreous BodyVitreous Humour



Rabbits have become a valuable experimental model for some of the following reasons. They are phylogenetically closer to primates than rodents and offer a more diverse genetic background than inbred and outbred rodent strains. In addition, rabbit genomics and proteomics have recently advanced with several transgenic lines that are characterized and readily available.

The vitreous humor is a clear, gel-like fluid that is 99% water with the remainder being a mixture of collagen, proteins, salts and sugars. The fluid occupies the space between the lens and in front of the retina at the back of the eye. Vitreous fluid has been shown to be a useful tool for understanding mediators of disease, including inflammatory molecules such as IL-6 and IL-8. Researchers are using vitreous within their drug discovery studies to look at more personalized treatment approaches based biomarkers identified within the fluid.

Features & Benefits

  • Custom processing and aliquotting options
  • Same day collection and shipment of time-sensitive products is available
  • Large lot sizes available from individual animals or pooled donors


Biohazard Info: This material should be handled as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Please use universal precautions.

For in vitro use only.