Rat Microsomes

Type:Subcellular Fractions
STRAINS:Fischer 344 RatSprague Dawley RatWistar Hannover RatWistar Rat
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and Services
Keywords:Fischer 344 RatHan Wistar RatMetabolismMicrosomeMicrosomesRatSprague Dawley RatWistar Rat



Animal liver microsomes are a major tool for studying metabolite ID, reaction phenotyping, intrinsic clearance and inhibition studies. BioIVT Sprague-Dawley, Wistar, Han Wistar and Fischer 344 Rat microsomes are prepared from fresh animal tissue which ensures a higher retention of enzyme levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality. BioIVT animal microsomes are quality checked by our independent quality control and quality assurance lab to guarantee quality and consistency.
  • Characterization. BioIVT’s extensive characterization and tissue profiling process guarantees that each lot of animal microsomes will provide consistent and reproducible results.
  • Readily Available. Each product is produced in large batches, so you can consistently use the same lot of animal microsomes across experiments.
  • Customization. Microsomes can be prepared to customer specifications like custom supplied animals, vial configuration and large lot sizes.

Caution:All products are for research use only. Do not use in animals or humans. These products have not been approved for any diagnostic or clinical procedures.

Rat Liver Microsomes are vialed at 20 mg/mL