BioIVT is a global provider of biological and in vitro products that are used in various research applications. Below are a few marketing brochures that provide a general overview of our product offerings. If you cannot find what you are looking for contact BioIVT for more information.

BioIVT Overview Brochure
BioIVT offers a variety of products including animal, human and disease biological specimens as well as value-added services. This piece provides a general overview of our offerings.

Personalized Medicine Brochure
Learn more about how BioIVT is making strides to address the need for samples and research services to support the advances being made in personalized medicine.

Respiratory Research Brochure
With the rapidly increasing incidence of respiratory disease, BioIVT offers clinical specimens and models systems to support respiratory research.

Skin-Derived Model Systems and Services 
A variety of skin tissue products & services are offered including normal and disease state human and animal.

ADME-Tox Products & Services Brochure
BioIVT can provide the answers to all your liver-related research questions. Hepatic models that enable researchers to better predict new drug candidates’ impact on the liver.

PHASEZERO Research Services Brochure
BioIVT offers expertise in experimental design, execution, data interpretation and reporting. Our newly expanded PHASEZERO® Research Services team, formerly of Asterand Biosciences, will work with you to deliver actionable data to enable you to make more informed development decisions surrounding the efficacy and safety of biological and chemical compounds or associated companion diagnostics.

C-DILI Assay Sell Sheet
Learn more about the C-DILI™ Assay a novel in vitro method to evaluate a compound’s potential for cholestatic drug-induced liver injury (DILI).

CYP Induction Sell Sheet
Learn how our CYP induction using TRANSPORTER CERTIFIEDTM hepatocytes in sandwich culture can demonstrate better show better IVIVE correlations vs. conventional transporter-deficient models.

GLP Tissue Cross-Reactivity Testing Brochure
Discover our unique combination of research services and tissue procurement capabilities from the pillars of our GLP Tissue Cross-Reactivity (TCR) Services.

Oncology Brochure
Discover our portfolio of tissues, biofluids, and cells to accelerate oncology research.

HEPATOPAC® is a stable in vitro liver model that enables long-term hepatic metabolism and toxicity studies. HEPATOPAC models show better in-vitro in-vivo correlations (IVIVC) than conventional hepatocyte models, especially for medium- and low-turnover compounds.

Dissociated Tumor Cells Brochure
Utilizing the extensive ASTERAND™ Human Tissue sourcing network, BioIVT provides dissociated tumor cells (DTCs) isolated from freshly resected tumors for your personalized medicine research.

Reagents Brochure
BioIVT understands that the right reagent is required to properly sustain your cells. Learn about the reagents we offer and how they can support your research needs.

Extensive Portfolio of Transporter Assays
See our single-transporter assays and multiple-transporter models, available using our patented OPTI-EXPRESSION™ Technology.

Transporters Critical in Pharmacokinetics
See a map of the liver, kidney, intestine, and blood-brain barrier transporters known to have a role in pharmacokinetics and the transporters that are typically evaluated in regulatory submissions.

Immunology Brochure
Download this brochure to learn about our portfolio of products for your Immunology research.

Recommendations to Consider When Sourcing Human Biospecimens
The procurement and use of human biospecimens for life science researchers is complex and challenging. This white paper will help unwrap the layers of bureaucracy and oversight and to provide guidance to all levels of researchers around the globe.

Questions to Ask Your Human Biological Specimens Provider
Selecting a provider of human biological specimens (HBS) can be daunting. Obtaining high-quality biospecimens from a provider who is an experts in regulatory and industry requirements is essential for success. Download the guide for the 12 questions and additional insight when evaluating specimen providers.

XPRESSWAY Profile Safety Package Sell Sheet
BioIVT’s XPRESSWAY® Profile Safety Package helps you understand off-target risk by providing expression data for 46 genes expressed in 72 human tissues. Learn more in this sell sheet.

Hepatic Disposition Studies
See our recommendations of integrated in vitro studies to predict hepatic disposition during preclinical drug development programs.

Metabolism Research: Products and Services
Learn about our products and research services to investigate hepatic metabolism and how these studies are integrated into drug development programs.

Products for Hepatic Infectious Disease Models
Learn how our products are used for drug discovery in malaria, hepatitis, and other hepatic infectious diseases.

Animal Species Research Advantages Infographic
BioIVT understands that the right species can be required for your research. Learn about different species and their uses here!

Point of Care Testing Services
Point of care device testing is a vital step to validation. At BioIVT, we understand your need to perform POC testing and offer services to help you get there.

Choose the Right Hepatic Model (Infographic)
Download this infographic for insights on how to select the right hepatic model for your research.