An Image-Based Method to Detect and Quantify T Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity of 2D and 3D Target Cell Models Application Paper

T cell-mediated cytotoxicity, which plays an important role in immunotherapy, is imaged and quantified using sensitive in vitro methods. See how our CD3 T cells were used in the following analysis to generate extended incubation studies.

Image-Based, Label-Free Methods to Detect and Quantify General and Directed T Cell Activation Application Paper

T cell activation is essential to the initiation of a targeted immune response. In this app note, T cell activation rates were quantified over time using Biotek’s BioSpa 8 and Cytation 5.

Effects of Incubation Buffer Conditions on In Vitro Primary Cryopreserved Hepatocyte Phase I and Phase II Metabolism Application Paper

Learn about the differences in metabolite formation rates with cryopreserved primary hepatocytes in various incubation buffers, including INVITROGRO™ KHB, Sigma KHB, Williams' E, and PBS.

Mucus Hypersecretion Case Study

See how we worked with a company to assess specific proteins for their effects on mucin secretion from airway epithelial cells