Webinars and Videos


[WEBINAR]  How And When to Evaluate BSEP Inhibition to Help Reduce Human DILI Risk: ITC Recommendations
Hear Dr. Gerry Kenna from Safer Medicines Trust discuss the ITC guidance on assessing BSEP inhibition during the drug development process in order to reduce and manage DILI risk.

[WEBINAR]  In Vitro Liver Models to Support Malaria Research
Download this webinar hear Dr. Alison Roth’s, from the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, perspective on targeting the liver-stage of the malaria lifecycle and what in vitro liver models are currently used along with system components essential for all downstream applications.

[WEBINAR]  Gaining Clarity: Unique Considerations for the Ethical and Regulatory Use of Human Biospecimens in the EU/UK
Navigating the requirements for the ethical collection and use of non-US human biospecimens for research can be overwhelming. Hear from Troy Brinkman detail the unique considerations surrounding the bureaucracy and oversight in the use of human biospecimens in the EU and UK.

[WEBINAR]  Think Beyond: From Transporter to Transporter Network
In vivo drug movement is often regulated by multiple transporter interactions. Hear Dr. Yong Huang will share his perspectives on how transporters orchestrate complex drug transport phenomena.

[WEBINAR]  Gaining Clarity: Ethical and Regulatory Considerations and Common Misconceptions in the Use of Human Biospecimens
Learn the common misconceptions surrounding the bureaucracy and oversight in the use of human biospecimens. Developed specifically for regulatory personnel and all levels of researchers to gain insight and guidance by downloading our webinar presented by David Forster, Chief Compliance Officer, WIRB-Copernicus Group and Cathie Miller, Director of Product Marketing, Personalized Medicine from BioIVT.

[WEBINAR]  The Microbiome: Understanding Why Collection and Processing Matters
Learn more about the importance of high quality and standardized collection and processing techniques when starting your microbiome research by downloading our webinar presented with Mark Driscoll from Shoreline Biome and Cathie Miller from BioIVT.

[WEBINAR]  Whole-Cell In Vitro Models Can Predict Clinically-Relevant Herb-Drug Interactions
Listen to our webinar with Dr. Amy Roe, Senior Toxicologist from The Procter and Gamble Company as she discusses a novel in vitro method to investigate HDIs using sandwich-cultured human hepatocytes (SCHH) that incorporated clearance and treated, the complex herbal mixture as a single entity.

[WEBINAR]  Mechanistic Modeling Revealed the Induction of Hepatic Transporters and Altered Bile Acid Disposition: Critical Factors in Drug Safety
Hear Dr. Cen Guo discuss the mechanistic modeling studies recently published in the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics May 2018.

[WEBINAR]  Development of a Genetically-defined 3D Lung Cancer Model for Functional and Efficacy Studies
Discover how to use 3D models with primary, genetically-defined cells to allow for better functional and efficacy studies.

[WEBINAR]  Early Phase Drug Development and the FDA’s Predictive Toxicology Roadmap
Hear Dr. Dennis Bashaw, Former Director, Division of Clinical Pharmacology-3, FDA, give his expert opinion on the FDA’s Predictive Toxicology Roadmap.

[WEBINAR]  The New FDA Draft Guidance on In Vitro DDI Studies: How Will It Impact You
Hear from Drs. Andrew Parkinson, XPD Consulting, and Ron Laethem, Qualyst, offer their expert opinion on how the Guidance has changed and how it will impact drug development strategies.

[WEBINAR]  CYP450 Induction Studies: Benefits of an In Vitro Hepatic Model with Functioning Transporters
Drs. Jeffrey Edwards (Intercept Pharmaceuticals) and Andrew Parkinson (XPD Consulting) discuss CYP450 induction studies in a sandwich culture human hepatocyte model using Transporter Certified hepatocytes and how the model was used to predict induction potential of obeticholic acid (Ocaliva).

[WEBINAR]  Multiplex IHC and Digital Image Analysis - Supporting Immuno-Oncology Research
An introduction to Multiplex IHC, with a focus on the integration of the Perkin Elmer Vectra Polaris system where you will learn about how the generation of high content data derived for complex diseases such as immuno-oncology, from small and/or limited research samples and clinical biopsies.


[VIDEO]  Cell Counting Using the Trypan Blue Exclusion Method
Tips for cell counting. Download our video showing our cell counting method using Trypan Blue.

[VIDEO]  Plating Cryoplateable Hepatocytes
Tips on plating our cryosuspension hepatocytes.

[VIDEO]  Thawing Cryoplateable Hepatocytes
Tips on thawing cryoplateable hepatocytes.

[VIDEO]  Thawing Cryosuspension Hepatocytes
Tips on thawing our cryosuspension hepatocytes.

[VIDEO]  Reconstitution of Cryosuspension Hepatocytes
Tips on reconstitution of cryosuspension hepatocytes.