Liver Disease Modeling

SUBTYPE:Liver Disease Modeling
Keywords:Bile Acid HomeostasisNAFLDNASH

As part of our portfolio of liver disease products we offer customized in vitro modeling research services to investigate drugs in development for NAFLD / NASH.

We have characterized biochemical mechanisms in the liver and have deep expertise in bile acid homeostasis, transporter function, xenobiotic metabolism, and gene regulation including key the nuclear receptors: AhR, CAR, PXR, FXR, and LXR. Our in vitro hepatic models integrate key pathways and can predict the effect of your compound on the liver and as a potential therapy for liver disease.

We apply our model to support R&D of drugs in development for NAFLD and NASH including studies to investigate:

  • Safety and Efficacy
  • Drug-drug Interactions
  • Inhibition and Induction
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Gene Expression Pathways: Regulatory (e.g. FXR, FGF19), Metabolic (e.g. CYP450s, Conjugation), Transport (e.g. BSEP, OSTs, NTCP)