Tissue Inventory Request Form

ASTERAND™ Human Tissue Specimens are high-quality, thoroughly characterized, and validated for fit-for-purpose use by drug discovery and companion diagnostic development researchers. We have rigorous criteria for procurement and quality control of biospecimens; all are provided with associated clinical data. By partnering with a worldwide network of hospitals, we can offer our clients an extensive repository with over 300,000 human tissues in various formats. This bank includes material that is prospectively obtained in a variety of formats, including fresh frozen and FFPE as well as with associated biofluids. Standard protocols are used to maintain the BioIVT repository and allow for adherence to the highest standards to ensure sample integrity. Standard tissue products are generally available for next-day shipping to keep your research moving.

To expedite our service, please provide the following details, and we will be in touch shortly to further discuss your ASTERAND Human Tissue Specimen needs.