TransCell Science acquired by BioIVT in 2017

TransCell Science

TransCell Science (TCS) was a provider of innovative research and development services to industry and academia. TCS specialized in novel drug and biologics assays based on human primary cells grown from explant tissue; this technology constitutes the most accurate disease models which surpass cell lines, organ culture or animal models. TCS custom developed and managed complex and technologically challenging projects for pharmaceutical, personal care companies, and leading academic and government institutions. By constantly adopting new technologies, TCS strived to stay at the forefront of cell culture and drug assay science.

Building upon our collective synergies, this transaction positioned BioIVT to accelerate growth and unleash the full potential of our merged companies. Together, BioIVT and TransCell Science formed a complete solution spanning biospecimen acquisition to use of those samples within highly relevant in vitro assays.

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