Transporter Assays

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BioIVT offers over 100 single-transporter assays and multi-transporter models to investigate liver, kidney, intestine, and blood-brain barrier transporters known to be involved in pharmacokinetics, including the 11 transporters typically requested by regulatory agencies. Using OPTI-EXPRESSION™ Technology, we efficiently express transporters in polarized mammalian cell monolayers, where they are localized to the appropriate membrane (i.e., apical or basolateral). With this technology, transporter expression levels can be controlled in order to mimic those observed in vivo, and new assays can be quickly developed and validated.

We offer the following transporter research services:

Our transporter sciences group has been offering transporter assay services since 2007 and, as a result of its high-quality work, is recognized as a leading transporter service provider. Clients benefit from our efficient methods and fast turn-around times. In addition, our deep experience in transporter science allows us to provide meaningful insight when consulting on our clients’ projects. Our reputation for excellence is based on the following research experience:

  • Served over 300 clients
  • Conducted nearly 1000 client-sponsored transporter research projects.
  • First provider to offer research services for the FDA DDI transporter panel.
  • Developed the industry’s largest portfolio of transporter assays and models.