Type:Cell Products
APPLICATION & SPECIALITY USES:ADME-Toxicology Products and Services
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TRANSPORTER CERTFIEDTM is an industry standard that ensures hepatocytes have physiologic transporter function, metabolic competence and appropriate regulatory pathway functionality, under culture conditions that BioIVT has defined. In sandwich culture, the intracellular concentrations (ICC) in TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED hepatocytes reflect physiologic conditions because the hepatocytes express functioning uptake and efflux transporters and develop bile pockets similar to bile canaliculi.

Features and Benefits

  • Qualified. Established responsiveness to inducers, transporter uptake and efflux
  • Full Characterization. Known phenotypes and donor demographics
  • Reproducibility. Allows multiple experiments at different times from a single donor
  • Quick Response. HepatA!ert™ notifies customers when new lots of TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED hepatocytes are available
  • Large Lot Sizes. All hepatocyte lots are sourced from whole, intact livers, ensuring each donor lot can create large product sizes. This enables researchers to have great consistency across multiple experiment

In addition, we provide ACCULIVERTM kits that enable our clients replicate the culture conditions we have optimized for TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED hepatocytes.

Transporter Certified are available from our partners listed below. In addition, we provide ACCULIVER kits that enable our clients replicate the culture conditions we have optimized for Transporter Certified hepatocytes.  Learn more about our ACCULIVER kits.

Caution: Treat all products containing human materials as potentially infectious, as no known test methods can offer assurance that products derived from human tissues will not transmit infectious agents.

All products are for research use only. Do not use in animals or humans. These products have not been approved for any diagnostic or clinical procedures.

TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED human hepatocytes are >80% viable and contain a minimum of 5 million cells per vial as determined by Trypan Blue exlcusion.

TRANSPORTER CERTIFIED human hepatocytes have a :  ≥70% confluent monolayer on day 5